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Tracy Chau is a privacy and cybersecurity associate based in the Chicago office. She is a member of the Intellectual Property Practice Group and the Privacy and Cybersecurity Team.

Indiana recently amended its breach notification law to include as personal information age verification information collected by adult websites. At the same time, the state passed a new law for adult websites. The law required that these sites use a “reasonable” method to verify users’ ages. The law also creates a private right of action for parents of minors who access the sites. The law has been blocked, however, by a lawsuit arguing it violates First Amendment.Continue Reading Indiana Amends Breach Notification Law Along with New Adult Website Verification Requirement

In what may become an annual tradition, Pennsylvania has amended its breach notification law. The new provisions will take effect on September 26, 2024. As a reminder, Pennsylvania changed its law last year to expand the definition of “personal information” and to create exemptions for HIPAA-regulated entities. Continue Reading Keystone State Tweaks its Data Breach Notification Law Again

Tennessee has joined a handful of other states to provide certain safe harbors in the cybersecurity realm. Unlike others, the law sites beside -but does not modify- the states’ data breach notification law. Also unlike others, the safe harbor is very narrowly tailored, and is not triggered by having a data security program.Continue Reading Impact of Tennessee’s Cybersecurity Class Action Safe Harbor