Just as we thought 2022 was going to be significantly different than 2021, December 2021 and January 2022 events have thrown us for another (pandemic) loop. We anticipate that some of the privacy and cybersecurity developments from 2021 may similarly repeat in 2022. To help prepare for privacy and cybersecurity program plans for the year, we have created a comprehensive resource of all our www.eyeonprivacy.com posts from last year. From artificial intelligence, biometrics, new US privacy laws, ongoing scrutiny of breach and security issues, to concerns over global data flows, 2021 was a busy year. We have also included several articles focused specifically on managing privacy compliance, and include an examination of right-sized privacy programs, regulatory priorities, and managing “unknown” and unpredictable risks.

2021 blog contributors include Liisa Thomas, Craig Cardon, Townsend Bourne, Kari Rollins, Michael Cohen, Michael Scarborough, Morgan Forsey, Moorari Shah, Allison Fulton, Sara Shanti, David Garcia, Michael Zhang, Oliver Heinisch, Sarah Aberg, Yarazel Mejorado, A.J. Dhaliwal, Elfin Noce, James Fazio, David Poell, Tenaya Rodewald, Bridget Russell, Ana Anvari, Harrison Schafer, Samuel Cohen, Alyssa Shauer, Anne-Marie Do, Nikole Snyder, Snehal Desai, Ariana Stobaugh, Charles Glover, Brittany Walter, Susan Ingargiola, Dhara Shah, and Julia Kadish.

Putting it Into Practice: As you move forward in planning and implementing your privacy efforts this year, we hope that you find this compilation helpful.