As we reach the end of January 2021, it is becoming increasingly clear that this will be a busy year in the areas of privacy and data security. Following up on our posts discussing some of the important trends from last year, the Sheppard Mullin Privacy and Cyber Security team has put together a comprehensive resource containing all of our posts from last year.  From a focus on artificial intelligence, to international data flow and vendor transfer concerns, to ongoing enforcement of a patchwork of laws, we anticipate many of the issues facing companies in 2020 will not go away this year.

2020 blog contributors include Liisa Thomas, Craig Cardon, Townsend Bourne, Kari Rollins, Matthes Shatzkes, Brian Murphy, Rachel Tarko Hudson, Hayley Grunvald, Samuel O’Brian, Snehal Desai, David Poell, Susan Ingargila, Bridget Russell, Julia Kadish, Alyssa Shauer, Elfin Noce, and Nikole Snyder.

Putting it Into Practice: As you move forward in planning and implementing your privacy efforts this year, we hope that this compilation serves as a useful tool.