The California attorney general has released draft regulations for CCPA, giving companies further guidance on a variety of topics. The regulations are in draft, and comments are due to the attorney general’s office by December 6, 2019. The AGs office will also be holding a series of hearings across the state, on December 2 (Sacramento), 3 (Los Angeles), 4 (San Francisco), and 5 (Fresno). Among the many items that companies will be examining in more detail in the coming days, the regulations provide details about how to verify consumers and the need for website accessibility in the provision of notices. The proposal also calls on companies to acknowledge access and deletion requests within 10 days of receipt of such a request.

In its commentary to the regulations, the AGs office noted that since CCPA was passed it has hired over 20 new personnel, and has spent over $4,000,000 directly related to this new law.

Putting it Into Practice: Companies and industry groups will have until December 6 to provide written comments about the regulations. We anticipate many will be made, and that the hearings will be well attended.