For multinationals, keeping up with changes in privacy laws and compliance requirements can be very difficult, as they vary widely across borders and within nations. The norms and expectations of privacy regulations even vary across demographics and generations.

In the most recent episode of the Sheppard Mullin podcast, Nota Bene, Liisa Thomas and Michael Cohen discuss some of the recent trends and concerns facing the C-Suite in the realm of privacy and data security. Drawing from predictions Liisa made earlier this year, we discuss in this episode four concerns for corporate leaders to keep in mind this year.

  1. The upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act, and how to prepare for its January 1, 2020 effective date.
  2. Anticipated enforcement trends for the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation, especially for US companies.
  3. Increased trends for tracking and IoT devices, and questions corporate leaders should ask of their teams before implementing programs that incorporate those tools.
  4. Finally, anticipated enforcement and regulatory efforts coming out of US states.

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