The Federal Trade Commission recently issued a cyber guide that, while intended for small businesses, can be of help for all businesses. The purpose of the guide, which includes various modules, is to help smaller businesses address data security threats. These modules follow guidance the FTC issued in April, stressing the importance of cyber security preparedness and the help the FTC intended to give to small businesses on that front.

Included in the new modules are information about password hygiene, setting up remote access capabilities, and email authentication. Also included are less technical risk mitigation topics such as vendor selection and contracting, as well as picking the correct cyber insurance coverage. Looking at the FTC’s suggestions for these can be helpful for all entities, in particular information about phishing scams, email imposters, and knowledge quizzes on a variety of topics, including cyber basics and vendor management.

Putting it Into Practice: All companies may find the information provided by the FTC in these new guides helpful.