Growing concern over the use of consumer data to generate scores designed to predict consumer behavior, what some refer to as predictive analytics or alternative scoring products, has caught the attention of the Federal Trade Commission.  Earlier this month, the FTC held a seminar focused on exploring the use and impact of predictive scoring.  While these analytic products have traditionally been used for purposes of marketing, advertising, identify verification and fraud prevention, some consumer advocates are concerned that their increasing use is disparately impacting vulnerable communities through, among other things, what offers and prices to offer products to these consumers.  They urge the FTC to use the Fair Credit Reporting Act to regulate these products, as it has historically done in connection with the sale of credit reports under certain circumstances.  The FTC has express some apprehension over the fact that consumers may not be aware these analytic products are used and have little access to correct or challenge underlying consumer data that may not be correct.  The seminar was one of several steps the FTC is currently taking as it delves more deeply into predictive scoring and the data broker industry.  For more information or to review the transcript or materials presented at the seminar click here.